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Our Commitment

The Best-Tasting Coffee Possible

Every day when we wake up, we simply promise to offer up the freshest coffee possible, and provide you with the best brewing experience. Each of our coffees are hand-roasted, packed, and shipped just for you. We are satisfied only when you are. If there's something we can do to make your coffee experience better, we will strive to do so and beyond.

What does it mean to "Sip and Take Flight?"

coffee is a ritual

That first sip in the morning is the start of a new day, a new set of experiences, and a fresh take on the events yesterday now in the past.

The perfect cup of coffee is incredibly subjective, but we've found one thing to hold true: not just a good cup, but a really good cup, and inspire, provoke, support, and energize your creative juices, your motivation, and your subconscious to reach new heights and turn an average day into an amazing one.

With the perfect cup of coffee in hand, we're confident that with every sip, you'll find yourself climbing to new levels, becoming your best self, and embarking on a non-stop journey to greatness.

Saving the Planet

one bag at a time

From day one, we believed we should do our part to leave the world at least the same if not better than when we found it. In the case of coffee, we're doing everything we can to ensure every bag we roast and sell is entirely carbon neutral. 

Our future plans include being compostable, too. Click the button below to learn more about what we're doing to help save the planet.

Our Carbon Neutral Efforts

Supporting Our Communities and Growers

Charities in Our Source Countries

We believe in giving back to the countries and the communities that allow us to be so successful in selling coffee here in the United States. Countries like Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and others live and die by their agriculture, and many of the communities don't have the extra resources to help build up their economies, their neighborhoods, and schools. Stay tuned to this spot for more information on the programs we're supporting.

Helping Those in Need at Home

Our friends and family at home are critical to our success as a local community. It goes without saying that we should be supporting those less fortunate, those who have fallen on hard times, and those who maybe just need a little extra to make it through a tough spot. Supporting everyone means we all benefit. We regularly support the Red Cross, Northwest Harvest, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The efforts of these wonderful organizations don't go un-noticed, and we thank them for making our community stronger.

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