Frequently Asked Questions

We put together a list of the most common questions one could ask along their Kenmore Coffee Co. journey. 

Ordering and Shipping

What is the ordering and roasting process?

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We send orders to our partner roaster daily. Currently, we’re roasting 2-3 times per week. This means the order will take no more than 72 hours to be roasted and shipped, depending on the time of week you place the order.

Which countries can you ship to?

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Currently, we ship to the following countries:

* United States

* Canada

See our Shipping Policy for rates to these countries.

What is the price for shipping?

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Kenmore Coffee Company ships orders to both the United States and Canada.

For U.S. orders, everything over $49 ships free, under $49 is $5 flat rate.

For Canada orders, we have a chart here that breaks down the shipping costs by weight. 

How is my coffee shipped?

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All orders are shipped USPS with a delivery window of 1-4 business days, depending on the destination. However, we cannot guarantee delivery dates due to situations beyond our control, nature, and the like. If it has been more than one calendar week and your coffee still hasn't arrived, let us know, and we'll make it right.

Where can my coffee be delivered?

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You can have your coffee delivered anywhere that accepts deliveries from the United States Postal Service, including Post Office Boxes (P.O. Boxes)

A note for P.O. Box deliveries: your coffee is considered “delivered” when it arrives at the post office and is marked as “ready for pickup” or is placed in your P.O. Box. Do not wait too long to pick it up. 

How can I get coffee tomorrow?

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If you order by 9AM, we can generally get it out the same day. Anything after that we'll try our best to get it out the same day, otherwise your order will ship the next business day (Monday through Friday).

Pro Tip: If it's essential to make sure coffee is always available, consider a subscription. Orders are automatically dropped into the system on your behalf, so there's nothing you need to think about or do. In turn, coffee appears.

What if I don't like the flavor I ordered?

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No worries! We understand particular coffee tastes and preferences. Get in touch with us and we’ll make it right.

Can I sample any of the flavors before buying?

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We have a sampler pack that includes three (our three blends, sans decaf) or six (the three blends plus our three single-origin options). Grab it here.

Do you have other sizes besides what's listed on the product page?

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Currently, 12oz is the one size we offer. We do it this way to save money on supplies and keeping costs as low as we can for everyone. If you’re looking for something specific, like a 5lb bag, we can probably make something happen, so get in touch.


How does the subscription service work?

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When placing your order, you have the option to “subscribe” and receive coffee at a set interval of time. We’ll automatically generate the relevant orders on this end as needed and get you in the queue with the roaster. There’s nothing you need to do to make it happen. We’ll also charge the card you provide automatically so all you need to do is sit back, and sip greatly.

What are different intervals for delivery?

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You can order one or more bags of coffee to be delivered every one or four weeks. Please keep in mind that four weeks is not one month. For example: if you choose to subscribe to receive one bag every four weeks starting on the first Monday of the month, we’ll skip the second through fourth Mondays and send the next bag on the 5th Monday if one exists.

Is there a minimum number of months before I can cancel?

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Nope! Though we’d love to keep you around as long as we can (who wouldn’t, we know you’re awesome right from the start), you’re free to cancel at any time.

Can I change my subscription interval?

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Totally. The Subscription page can help you take care of that. You'll find it under Your Account.

Is there a different price for subscriptions?

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Yes! Subscribe and get 15% off all the time, for all bags in all quantities. The $49 minimum requirement for free shipping still applies. You'll find this to be two to four 12oz bags per order in the vast majority of cases.

Pro Tip: For the regular coffee drinker, set up a subscription to ship once every four weeks, with three or four bags in the order. That'll satisfy the average consumer's need for fresh coffee every month, save on shipping supplies, and translate to free shipping for you!

Pro Tip 2: If you're sure you'll drink the whole thing, look at getting a couple of 2LB or 5LB bags in a subscription order, instead. The same $49 free-shipping threshold applies for those, too.

Can I use a gift card or discount on a future order?

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Not currently, though we want to make that possible.

About the Product

What kinds of beans do you use?

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Only the best. Our partner roaster sources the green coffee beans from an importer here in Seattle. Making sure everyone along the line receives fair compensation for their effort, including the farmers who put in the hard labor to prepare our beans, is incredibly important to us.

Every product page notes which beans from which regions are used in that blend or single-origin coffee.

Is it really hand-roasted?

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You bet it is! Our roaster uses some impressive manual roasting technology to ensure full control over the entire process. Everything's roasted in small batches, too, so there's a lot of room for fine-tuning, and coffee isn't sitting around for weeks.

Where is your coffee roasted?

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Since we’re a Seattle-area company, we wanted to make sure our coffee was roasted here, too. So it is.

Is the coffee organic/fair-trade?

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That'll depend on the bean and blend. Where possible, we'll call out coffees that are organically grown, certified, fair-trade, etc. Look for a "Fair Trade" or "Organic" stamp on the label.

Will you ever do CBD-infused coffee?

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That would be neat! No plans so far but never is a long time. In the meantime, look at adding a few drops (based on your preferences) directly to your coffee mug before pouring. If you have something neat like a french press, add it in there with the water.

I ordered two different coffees and the bags are different sizes. Did I not get full-size bags?

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Coffee is measured out by weight, not volume. Some of our roasts occupy more physical space than others (like our Classic, dark roast) because of how the beans transform when roasted. When put next to a lighter-roast coffee, one of the bags may appear smaller.

Will you ever do K-Cups or Nespresso pods?

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That's on our list of things we want to accomplish. The processing and manufacturing is a bit different than simply roasting and bagging whole beans or grounds. Stay tuned.

General Information

Where are you located?

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We’re located in the Seattle area. We believe in remote-first business, so we don’t have a physical address for you to visit. 

How do I get a hold of someone?

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