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About Kenmore Coffee

We built Kenmore Coffee Company with a singular idea in mind: be the go-to source for locally roasted on-demand coffee delivered to your door. 

With our partnership with a local area roaster, we're afforded the ability to offer the freshest coffee, roasted by hand and bagged when you order, at affordable prices.

Hand Roasting Every Batch

When we selected the facility we wanted to roast Kenmore Coffee's... uh... coffee, we were instantly drawn in to the idea of roasting everything by hand, using analog tools and notes.

No fancy technology, temperature probes or computers here.

Even though every bag is roasted by hand, it's still super fresh. The head of roasting has done this for years and his small team know exactly what they need to do to produce a perfect bean and cup of coffee every time.

Sourcing Only Top-Tier Beans

In our quest to keep as many aspects of the business local, our Seattle-based importer is known for finding the best beans from the best farms.

We source our beans from all over the world for our blends, and our single origins come from amazing farms, often very small. This combination means you won't find this level of quality and dedication in the grocery store.

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